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Which of the following correctly matches:
This question has multiple correct options
A. Monstera Fibrous root
B. Dahlia Fasciculate root
C. Azadirachta Adventitious roots
D. Basil pop roots

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Plants are grown from the seed which is buried inside the soil. The first structures to develop are the rootlets which will provide them nutrition. Later the other parts develop. These roots are sometimes edible while some just provide nutrition and support. The type of roots developed depends on the plant arising.
Complete step by step answer:
Plants have two main parts- roots and shoots. Root forms the underground part of the plant, while shoot is the upper part of the plant.
There are two types of the root system in the plants- tap root system and fibrous root system. If the root performs other function than transporting water and minerals, it is called a modification in the roots.
Some roots will start to work as storage sites for food. They can support massive plants. They can also absorb oxygen from the atmosphere. They can perform nitrogen fixation.
Option A: Monstera Fibrous root: In Monstera, the primary root is short-lived. After it dies, many roots develop. This is a fibrous root system.
Option B: Dahlia Fasciculate root: In Dahlia, the adventitious fasciculate root system is there. In this, tuberous roots originate at the base of the stem in clusters.
Option C: Azadirachta Adventitious roots: It has a tap root system. It is another name of the neem plant. It has a single thick root. Many small branches arise from this root.
Option D: Basil pop roots: Basil also has a tap root system as the small branches arise from a thick main root.

So the answer is option A and B: Monstera Fibrous root and Dahlia Fasciculate root.

The roots above the ground are called ariel roots. There can be a symbiont relationship between roots and fungi called mycorrhiza. Huge trees need to have a very strong root system. The roots can usually grow in any direction.