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Which of the following Articles of Constitution of India deals with the conduct of the business of the Government of India?
A. Article 76 of the constitution.
B. Article 77 of the constitution.
C. Article 78 of the constitution.
D. Article 74 of the constitution.

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: The government of any country has several departments and Ministries for the smooth running of the country and efficient management. We need some rules and regulations which will guide us through the process of managing the entire country. This is the main essence behind the rules of conduct of the business of the government of India.

Complete answer:
Article 76 of the Constitution of India clearly mentions the appointment of the Attorney general of India who is supposed to be the highest law officer of the country and is supposed to represent the government in all the cases in either the Supreme Court or high courts in which the government is either a litigant or accused.
Article 77 clearly mentioned some important points –
One, the Union government shall take the actions executive in nature in the name of the president of the country. Secondly, all the measures that are taken in the name of the President should be according to the rules made by the president himself and shall not be brought to any scrutiny by any court on the ground that it does not follow the desired rules. Article 78 in the constitution of India is about the duty of the Prime Minister to let the president of the country know all the information related to the governance of the country taken by the union government. Hence, option C is incorrect.
Article 74 essentially talks about the formation of the Council of Minister and their relation with the Prime Minister and President. It says that there shall be a council of Ministers for eating and advising the president. With the prime minister of the country at the head of the Government.
So, the correct answer is Option B.

Note: In the constitution of India, article 77 explicitly mentions how the government of India should conduct business. The president of India is empowered by the Constitution itself to make any such rules which will make the transaction of the business of the government of India more smooth and efficient.