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Which of the following are the functions of RNA?
(A) It is a carrier of genetic information from DNA to ribosomes synthesizing polypeptides.
(B) It carries amino acids to ribosomes.
(C) It is a constituent component of ribosomes.
(D) All of the above

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Hint: RNA is the ribonucleic acid that is a biological macromolecule present in all the cell nucleus. It carries the messenger instruction from the DNA and also some genetic information which helps for survival. RNA is also involved in the synthesis of proteins.

Complete Answer:
The RNA is the single stranded nucleic acid which is made up of the sequence of the nucleotide. Unlike DNA, they do not have oxygen molecules in their structure. The RNA that is involved in expressing the DNA genetic codes are of three types.

There are mRNA, rRNA and tRNA.
(I) The mRNA is the messenger RNA that carries the genetic code of the DNA to the cytoplasm. There the ribosomes move and attach to the mRNA molecules and use the instructions in it to assemble the amino acids to make a protein.
(II) The rRNA molecules are the ribosomal RNAs that form the core part of the ribosomes.
(III) TRNA molecules help in carrying the amino acids to the ribosomes for the process of synthesizing proteins.

Thus the option (D) is correct.

Note: RNA is made up of phosphate group, sugar and the nitrogenous base. The bases are adenine, guanine, cytosine and the uracil. The adenine and the guanine are jointly called as the purine and the uracil and the cytosine are called as the pyrimidine.