Which characteristic is not the adaptation of animals to protect themselves from extremely cold weather?
A. A thick coat of fur
B. A thick layer of fat
C. A thin layer of hair
D. Hibernation

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Hint:Adaptation is a dynamic developmental process that enhances the fitness of the organisms to their environment. The fur is a dense layer of fatty tissue that is able to insularize the body of the animal. Some whales can have this fat up to 2 feet.

Complete answer:All living organisms develop abilities to cope with the adversities in their environment throughout their struggle for survival. One has a thick layer of cover over the corpses among these variants. In unbelievably cold weather, animals need to defend themselves against the cold environment.
All of these adaptations require a dense layer of fur. Favor of the cold weather is needed for animals living under very cold climate conditions. So over them, they've got a dense fur layer. When the layer of fur stops the cold air from touching the body of the animal, they are shielded from cold. Likewise, a thick stratum of fat is also isolating the animal and shielding it from the intense cold. So, they are both cold changes.
Most of the animals have an inactivation cycle in which they sleep in a dormant condition. The inactivity in the winter season is hibernation. Over the winter the animals are dormant and are covered from severe cold.
All these three choices are animal traits to respond to extreme colds.
A thin layer of hair on your bodies does not offer enough insulation from environmental cold and is therefore not a protected characteristic for you.

Therefore, choice C: a thin layer of fat is the correct answer.

Note: For protection adaptation in all life forms will shift and respond according to the factors in their climate. In the race of the fight for presence, all living beings will adapt to the current conditions. All living organisms can change and adapt to their environment. Animals can be shielded from predatory weather or poor weather through adaptation. Many birds can hide in high grass and weeds and insects can color the environment in order to blend.