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What is the value of $x$ when $2x+3=3x-4$?

Last updated date: 16th Jul 2024
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Hint: For solving this type of questions you should know about the basics of an equation and you should know what happens in an equation if we send any integer or variable from the left side to the right side or from right side to the left side. And how the sign of the variable and integer changes when they go to the opposite side of its position.

Complete step by step answer:
In our question we have to find the value of $x$ if our equation is given as $2x+3=3x-4$. For calculating the value of $x$ in this equation, we have to perform an operation to make all the variable terms to one side and all the integer terms to one side. So, our equation is,
Now, by taking all the variables terms to the left hand side and taking all the integer terms to the right hand side in the equation, we will get,
BY solving this, we will get,
By taking the minus common from both sides of the equation, we get,
So, the value of $x$ in this equation $2x+3=3x-4$ is 7.
And we can check if this value is right or not by putting this in the same equation and if both sides are equal or the equation satisfies then the value is correct. So, for checking this, we put the value of $x=7$ in the equation $2x+3=3x-4$. So, we get,
  & 2\left( 7 \right)+3=3\left( 7 \right)-4 \\
 & \Rightarrow 17=17 \\
Both sides have equal values. So, the equation is satisfied and $x=7$ is the correct answer.

Note: During solving this type of questions you should know about how the variable and integer values subtract, add and divide or multiply to each other. Because in the big questions the equations are of higher order and if you solve them then you have to use these methods for solving the values of all the variables.