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What is the value of $9\%$ of $600$?

Last updated date: 18th Jul 2024
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Hint: From the question we have been asked to find the $9\%$ of $600$. For solving these kinds of percentage questions, we will first convert the given percentage into numerical part. After converting the percentage into numerical part we will use multiplication operations in mathematics and multiply the number $600$ to it and find the answer to the question.

Complete step by step solution:
Firstly, as we mentioned earlier, we will convert the given percentage into numerical parts.
For any number let it be as \[y\]. We can write the percentage of it which is \[y\%\] into a numerical part as follows.
\[\Rightarrow y\%=y\times \dfrac{1}{100}\]
So, we will do the same to our given number which is $9\%$.
So, the $9\%$ can be rewritten into numerical parts as follows.
$\Rightarrow 9\%=9\times \dfrac{1}{100}$
Now for finding the percentage of any number, we should use the multiplication operation in mathematics and multiply it to the number for which we want the percentage.
Now, in the question we are asked to find $9\%$ of $600$. So, we will multiply $9\%=9\times \dfrac{1}{100}$ to the integer $600$ and find the solution.
Now, $9\%$ of $600$can be written as follows.
$\Rightarrow 9\times \dfrac{1}{100}\times 600$
We will simplify the expression further by using the multiplication operation in mathematics.
So, we get expressions reduced as follows.
$\Rightarrow 9\times 6$
$\Rightarrow 54$
Therefore, the answer is $ 54$.

Note: Students must be very careful in doing the calculations. Students must have good knowledge in calculating the percentages and also should have knowledge in multiplication operation. Students can use a shortcut here. When they get questions of the form x% of y00, then they can simply multiply x and y to get the answer. This is because zeros in 100 and y00 get cancelled off.