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Hint:Volume is basically the 3-D space enclosed by an object. The CGS unit of volume is Liter. CGS is abbreviated as centimeter-gram-second unit system. There also exists SI unit which stands for System International Unit.

Complete answer:
Volume is the amount of space occupied by an object. It is given as the product of length, width and height i.e.
Volume$=$length$\times $width$\times $height
             $=$l$\times $b$\times $h(b$-$breadth or width)
Length, breadth and height all are measured in meters, so SI unit of volume is cubic meter or ${{\text{m}}^{3}}$. The CGS unit then becomes $\text{c}{{\text{m}}^{3}}$. The conversion of I meter into centimeter is given as 1m = 100 cm. So unit of$1{{\text{m}}^{3}}$ will become \[{{\left( 100\text{cm} \right)}^{3}}=\left( 100 \right)\text{c}{{\text{m}}^{3}}={{10}^{6}}\text{c}{{\text{m}}^{3}}\]. We have I liter equals to thousand cubic centimeters. So, we can say that CGS unit of volume is Liter or cubic centimeter.

Volume can be easily found by measuring the dimensions of the object. There are different formulas of volume for different shapes of objects. Like volume of cylinder is given as $\text{ }\!\!\pi\!\!\text{ }{{\text{r}}^{2}}\text{h}$ where ‘r’ is the radius of cylinder and ‘h’ is its height, volume of sphere equal $\dfrac{4}{3}\text{ }\!\!\pi\!\!\text{ }{{\text{r}}^{3}}$. Other units in which volume can be measured include gallon, quart, fluid ounce, barrel, pint, etc. Gallon is a mostly used unit of volume in the United States. One US liquid gallon equals 3.785 liters. Fluid ounce is mainly used for measuring liquids.