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Hint: A saline soil is the soil containing soluble salts or we can say a soil that contains an excess amount of sodium salt. In general, saline means salty.

Complete Solution :
- Saline refers to a solution of salt in water. It is basically a mixture of sodium chloride and water. Normal saline is a mixture of 0.9% sodium chloride and 0.1% of water and which is isotonic (solution having same osmotic pressure) to the blood and tear.
- Saline which is also known as saline solution is slightly acidic in nature with pH 5.5.
  Saline solution is mainly used in healthcare in following manner -

- Nasal cleaning or nasal irrigation - saline has been used as a medical solution or cleaning agent for wound or other body organs. It can wash out allergens, mucus or other dust particles. This solution also helps in the cleaning of stuffy noses.

- Antiseptic - a saline can be used as cleaning agent cuts and wounds. This solution acts as a disinfectant by killing bacteria or other foreign particles, and reduces the chances of infection.Dehydration - in case of dehydration a patient is treated with saline solution intravenously. Over infusion of saline increases the amount of extracellular fluid as a result it causes swelling, acidity and osmotic imbalance of body fluid.

- Intravenous therapy - in medical therapy a saline solution is used as a medium to provide nutrients and other medicine. This solution is also used to maintain electrolytic or osmotic balance of the body fluid.

Note: - 0.9% Normal saline is the most commonly used saline solution in the hospitals which is administered via intravenous, in case of diarrhoea and vomiting.
- Sodium chloride is the main component of a saline solution, which mainly regulates electrolyte balance, nerve conduction and maintains the blood pressure.
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