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Hint:The pitch ​of a sound can be essentially a description of the frequency of the sound where different pitches correspond to different frequencies. High pitch can be defined as the high frequency, and low pitch suggests the low frequency.

Complete answer:
Pitch can also be well defined as the quality of a sound which allows one to label it as “higher” or “lower” to your ear. Commonly, the sensation of a frequency can be referred to as the pitch of a sound. A high pitch sound corresponds to a high frequency sound wave and similarly the low pitch sound corresponds to a low frequency sound wave.

Pitch is closely related to frequency, but both of two are not equivalent. In simple words, frequency is an objective in which scientific attributes can be measured. Pitch is expressed as each of the person's subjective perception of a sound wave, which cannot be directly measured.

Additional Information:
A high pitch will be perceived to its higher intensity if its loudness is increased, whereas a low pitch will be perceived to be going lower with the increased loudness. At times "Stevens's rule" was implemented after an early investigator, in which this psychoacoustic effect has been extensively investigated.

"Perfect pitch" or "absolute pitch" suggests the ability of some persons to recognize the pitch of a musical note without using any discernible pitch standard as similar as if the person can recognize a pitch like the eye discerns the color of an object.

Note:A sound or note of definite pitch is defined as the one where a listener can possibly (or relatively easily) discern the pitch. A sound or note of indefinite pitch is defined as one that a listener finds impossible or relatively difficult to identify as to pitch.