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What is anoxia or asphyxiations?

Last updated date: 25th Jun 2024
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Hint:Anoxia deals with the state when the oxygen supply to the brain or body is lost completely. It is a consequence of hypoxia which indicates the deficiency of oxygen. Brain injury resulting due to anoxia is quite severe as the brain becomes completely deprived of oxygen. Asphyxia can result from strangulation, food choking or some other reasons.

Complete answer:
In anoxia, the body parts which require oxygen for working stops performing their functions properly. This includes the brain, heart, kidneys and tissues. Anoxia can be proved deadly as the body parts are completely oxygen deprived. One should take medical requirements in the initial stages of hypoxia only to avoid emergencies. Brain can get permanently damaged if oxygen is absent for 5-6 minutes because brain cells can die during this period and as a consequence the brain fails in its functioning.
The noticeable symptoms of anoxia include memory loss, change in mood, weakness, trouble in walking, blurring speech, headaches. There are different reasons for anoxia which depend on internal and external causes. Anemic anoxia results when blood can’t carry oxygen properly. Hemoglobin, a protein present in our blood supplies oxygen to various body parts so lack of oxygen in blood will result in anoxia termed as anemic anoxia.
Toxic anoxia occurs when toxic enters into our body which hinders the effective supply of oxygen to various body parts.

Anoxia can be diagnosed by blood tests, imaging tests like MRI. There are also chemical asphyxiants available like cyanide, carbon monoxide which can block the oxygen supply. Oxygen deprivation may be caused by low environmental oxygen levels, reduced transport from the lungs, and inadequate transfer across cell membranes.