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What is \[0.52\] as a percent?

Last updated date: 13th Jul 2024
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Hint: Percent or Percentage (%) is a number or ratio that can be expressed as a fraction of \[100\] . A ratio expresses the number of times one number is contained in another. Meanwhile, the fraction is part of a whole number. Fractions are usually written as a series of numbers separated by a line .For example \[\dfrac{1}{4}\] .

Complete step-by-step answer:
Calculating percentages is a simple mathematical procedure. If you need to find a ratio or a component of a quantity as a proportion of another quantity, you can express it as a percentage.
To find out the percent of a given number, we can use the following formula:
 \[p(\% ) = \dfrac{x}{y} \times 100\]
 \[x\] = Number for which percentage is to be found out;
 \[y\] = Total or whole number of given data
Now using the given formula to find out percent of \[0.52\] :
 \[ \Rightarrow p(\% ) = \dfrac{{0.52}}{1} \times 100\]
Here since the number is expressed in decimals, the total part is taken as \[1\] .
Dividing it by \[1\] ,
 \[ \Rightarrow p(\% ) = 0.52 \times 100\]
Finally multiplying by \[100\] we get:
 \[ \Rightarrow p(\% ) = 52\% \]

Note: Alternate way to find out the percentage if finding out fraction first and then multiplying it by \[100\] .
In the given sum, percent can be found out as follows by dividing it by \[100\] since there are two decimal points:
Fraction = \[\dfrac{{52}}{{100}}\]
Multiplying it by \[100\] ,
 \[ \Rightarrow Percent(\% ) = \dfrac{{52}}{{100}} \times 100\]
Solving the above multiplication, we get:
 \[ \Rightarrow Percent(\% ) = 52\% \]
Remember to use the “ \[\% \] ” sign after finding out the percentage.
Percentages play an important role in our everyday lives. It's useful when we're writing fractions. Furthermore, percentages are easier to compare than fractions.