Value of $\dfrac{3}{4}lbs$ is equal to how many ounces?

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Hint: So for converting the lbs to ounces, first we need to know the relation between the lbs and ounces. So one lb is equal to $16{\text{ ounces}}$ . So by using the unitary method and solving it, we will get the answer to this question.

Complete step-by-step answer:
 Since we have lbs given as $\dfrac{3}{4}lbs$ . And we have to convert them into ounces. So as from the hint, we can say that one lb is equal to $16{\text{ ounces}}$ .
So on comparing this with the question and using the unitary method, we can write it as
As one lb is equal to $16{\text{ ounces}}$ .
Therefore, for the $\dfrac{3}{4}lbs$ , it will be equal to
Since we can see that the numerator and denominator can be made simpler so solving it and we get
$ \Rightarrow 16 \times \dfrac{3}{4}$
And on solving the above multiplication, we will get the value as
$ \Rightarrow 12{\text{ }}ounces$
Therefore, $\dfrac{3}{4}lbs$ is equal to $12{\text{ }}ounces$ .

Additional information:
The full form for lbs will be Pound-mass or we can say it Pound. This word has come from the Roman word which is Libra and it is noted as ‘lb’ or ‘lbs’.

Note: So while solving such a type of question where they asked to convert it from something to a different thing, we always need to focus on the units. As if we don’t write the unit after the conversion then it will be considered as wrong and will cause you loss in your academics. So we should always keep in mind. Also, lbs are known to be a pound. So whenever there is a written pound anywhere so don’t get confused there.