Two bones can be connected by which of the following connective tissue?
C)Bone tissue
D)All of the above

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Hint: The internal organs are supported and bones are held together by these tough fibrous band of connective tissue and comprise of fibrous bundles of collagenous fibers and fibrocytes, spindle-shaped cells with little ground substance.

Complete answer:
A tough elastic tissue band around the joints is known as ligaments. Bones are connected with the help of ligaments and give support to the joints and also limit their movement.
Knees, ankles, elbow, shoulders, and other joints have the ligaments. These can become unstable by stretching or tearing.
There are two types of ligaments - white ligaments and yellow ligaments. The white ligament has collagenous fibers that are sturdy and inelastic whereas the yellow ligament has elastic fibers and allows elastic movement. Yellow ligaments are quite tough.
A capsular sac is formed by the ligaments in the joints which encloses the ends of an articulating bone and a synovial membrane (a lubricating membrane).
Synovial tissue-lined a pouch or a recess like structures called a bursa.
Across the ends of bones the ligaments fasten around in bands allow varying degrees of movement.

Additional information:
Tendon muscles are connected to the bones by this fibrous connective tissue and are able to withstand tension. Tendons and ligaments are similar as they both are made up of collagen. The ligaments connect one bone to another bone, whereas tendons connect muscles to bones.
Bone tissue also called osseous tissue. It is a dense connective hard tissue internally that has a honeycomb-like matrix that allows bones to have rigidity. It is made up of different types of bone cells.
So, the correct answer is option (A) ” Ligament”.

Note: A fibrous collagen tissue connecting the bones for stabilizing the joints is known as ligaments. It supports the bones and also prevents the bones from grinding into each other.
It has a very limited amount of stretching ability helps in protecting the joints from any type of injury. Approximately there are 900 ligaments in the human body.