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To stitch a shirt 2 m 15 cm cloth is needed. Out of 40 m cloth, how many shirts can be stitched and how many clothes will remain?

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Hint: Total numbers of shirts that can be made from the available cloth will be the ratio of total length of cloth available in cm and the length of cloth needed for 1 shirt in cm. Therefore we will convert both the quantities in cm and then proceed further to find the cloth by the remainder.

Complete step-by-step answer:
Total length of cloth available = 40 m
Since 1 m = 100 cm
Total length of cloth available = $40 \times 100{\text{ cm}}$
Total length of cloth available = 4000 cm
Total number of shirts can be made from available cloth.
   = \dfrac{{{\text{Total length of cloth available}}}}{{{\text{Length of cloth needed for 1 shirt}}}} \\
   = \dfrac{{4000}}{{215}} \\
   = 18 + \dfrac{{130}}{{215}} \\
Here, Quotient =18 and remainder = 130
Therefore number of shirts that can be made = 18
And the remaining cloth = 130 cm
      = 100 + 30 \\
   = 1{\text{ m 30 cm }}\left[ {{\text{since 1 m = 100 cm}}} \right] \\
Hence, the remaining cloth is 1 m 30 cm.

Note- In order to solve these types of questions, learn all the formulas of unit conversions. For example meter to centimeter, inch to centimeter, kilometer to miles etc. The next step is to be good at arithmetic operations such as multiplication, addition, division and subtraction. Now read the statement carefully and write down the conditions given in the questions and then solve to reach the answer.