Thinking part of the brain is located in
A. Forebrain
B. Midbrain
C. Hindbrain
D. Small brain

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Hint: Brain is the driver of the body without which even our heart will not pump. The coordination of all the movements, mechanisms, metabolisms is controlled by the brain. It is the storage of all the information including its processing and execution.

Complete answer:
Brain controls the overall working of our body. It regulates all the mechanisms occurring in our body. The brain has various parts which have the work divided-forebrain, midbrain and hindbrain.
Let us learn the functions of each part.
> Option A: Forebrain: It controls the central working which includes the processing information related to sensory, voluntary, motor activities. It does the thinking, perceiving and evaluation related work. It is also responsible for memorizing things, IQ. Consciousness etc. It has hearing, touch, smell and temperature reception centres.
> Option B: Midbrain: It is also called mesencephalon. It is located at the front of both the other parts. It has a major function in regulating the vision, motor control, hearing, alertness etc. so it does the auditory and visual processing. It is the link between the other two parts of the brain, that is, forebrain and hindbrain.
> Option C: Hindbrain: It is called rhombencephalon. It has medulla oblongata, pons and cerebellum. It has the function to coordinate respiratory rhythm, sleep, wakefulness. Damage to the medulla is fatal. The pons carries the signal from the forebrain to the cerebellum. It controls the central nervous system in vertebrates.
> Option D: Small Brain: Cerebellum is the small brain. It is a part of the hindbrain, located at the back in the brain. It coordinates the movements in the body

So the answer is option A: Forebrain.

Brain has two hemispheres-right and left. Cerebrum forms the largest part of the brain. The adult brain weighs 3 pounds approximately. Water forms 95% of the composition of the brain. It grows about 3 times the size during the first year. The whale has the largest brain.