The time for optimum chances of conception in a woman is starting from the day of menstruation.
A. 1st day
B. 4th day
C. 14th day
D. 26th day

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Hint: In human females, a 28-day menstrual cycle indicates monthly cyclical changes occurring in their reproductive systems. The optimum time for conception is after ovulation.

Complete answer: Menstrual cycle is approximately a 28-day cycle.
The cyclical changes which occur during the menstrual cycle are quite dynamic in nature.
A secondary oocyte is prepared by oogenesis and the Graafian follicle starts growing larger by the action of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH). Simultaneously, the endometrium wall thickens.
On day 14 or 15, ovulation occurs, luteinizing hormone level reaches its peak, causing ovulation.
Oocyte along with some cells gets released from the ovary and reaches a fallopian tube where fertilization could occur. This time is optimum for conception.

So, the correct option is C. 14th day

Note: As ovulation occurs, the uterus starts preparing for fertilization; follicle turns into corpus luteum, releasing progesterone. After a period of about 24 hours, if fertilization does not occur, the ovum reaches the uterus and signals for endometrial shedding. The shedding marks the initiation of a new cycle.