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The study of earth and life as recorded in the rocks is
A. Evolution
B. Geology
C. Pathology
D. Pharmacology

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Hint: Study of the Earth involves the study of rocks, minerals, solids, etc. Evolution deals with life and its history on Earth while pathology and pharmacology are more related to medicinal sciences.

Complete answer: To reach to the final answer, let us discuss all the options mentioned above.
Evolution: It is a stream in biological studies. It deals with the gradual changes occurring in the heritable characteristics of biological populations over several successive generations. The scientific theory of evolution was given by Charles Darwin. Natural selection plays a significant role in evolution.
Geology: It is a study of science which deals with the study of the Earth. Various minerals, rocks, solids, fossils, or other records, etc. obtained from the Earth are included as a source of information and form the base of geological studies.
Pathology: Pathology is a branch of medicinal studies that deals with the causes and effects of disease or injury. It includes a wide range of biological science research and medical studies.
Pharmacology: It is a branch of medicine and pharmaceutical sciences. It deals with the study of drugs or actions of medication.

So, the correct answer is B. Geology

Note: Geology also involves the study of different processes acting upon the Earth. It provides knowledge about important information about minerals and helps to evaluate water resources, understanding of natural damages, calamities, etc.