The reciprocal of 15 is ___.

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Hint: If a be any number then \[a \times \](reciprocal of a) = 1, so reciprocal of a is \[\dfrac{1}{{\text{a}}}\].

Complete step-by-step answer:
We know that in case of reciprocal the numerator and the denominator are interchanged.
i.e. If a is any number then \[\dfrac{1}{a}\] is the reciprocal of a.
Also we know that \[a \times \dfrac{1}{a} = 1\], i.e. (any number) \[ \times \] (the reciprocal of this number) = 1
Therefore the reciprocal of 15 is \[\dfrac{1}{{15}}\].
Hence, the correct option is (c).

Note: The reciprocal is simply an inverse of the number, Hence it is also called ‘Multiplicative inverse’.
Another approach to solve this question is by options,
Multiply each option with the given number is the result is 1, then that is the reciprocal of the given number.