The main purpose of the classification of organisms
A. To locate animals
B. To study facts of evolution
C. To establish relationships
D. To study the ecology of animals

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Hint: A standardized system to name and classify the organisms based on a few properties and features is called classification. Without it, unknown organisms could not be differentiated and their evolutionary relationships would also remain abstruse.

Complete answer: Classification refers to the process of arranging and grouping organisms in different groups/taxa/categories.
1. It is done according to the structure, character, adaptation, and embryonic development of the organisms.
2. It allows scientists to identify, group, and properly name organisms by following a standardized system.
3. Organisms with similar genetics, adaptation, and embryology are usually kept in the same taxa.
4. It enables better study and understanding of the organisms helps to establish the relationship between organisms.
5. It also helps to understand the factors which lead to evolution.
6. Taxonomy is the science of classifying living things. Linnaeus introduced the classification system that is the pillar of the modern classification.
7. Taxa in the Linnaean system majorly include the kingdom,
genus, and

So, the correct option is C. To establish relationships

Note: The above lines could be explained this way- flatworms and roundworms have the same basic characteristics. They are called ‘helminths’ but they also have different structures and some unique characters, based on which they are classified into ‘Platyhelminthes’ and ‘Nematoda’.