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The longest bone in our body is:
A. Thigh bone
B. Forearm bone
C. Sternum
D. Girdle bone

Last updated date: 23rd Jun 2024
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Hint: Out of the 206 bones present inside our body, the femur is the longest bone in our body. It is located in our lower body.

Complete answer:
To solve the question, we need to first know about the bones inside our body.
There are a total of 206 bones inside an adult human body. A baby’s body has a total of 300 bones that continue to fuse as the baby grows into an adult. The longest bone inside the body of an individual is the femur or the thigh bone. The femur is attached to the hip at the acetabulum with the help of a ball and socket joint. The distal part of the femur is attached to the knee. Femur is also known to be the strongest bone inside the human body.
 Therefore, the correct answer to this question is the thigh bone.

The arm comprises three bones namely, the humerus, the ulna and the radius. The humerus is the bone present in the upper arm. The ulna and the radius make up the forearm.

Sternum is also known as the breast bone. It is a flat bone which joins the ribs together and keeps them in position. It forms the central part of the chest.

Girdle bone is either found in the shoulder (pectoral girdle) or in the hips (pelvic girdle). The pectoral girdle connects the shoulder to the arms while the pelvic girdle connects the legs to the hips.

The shortest bone in the human body is the stapes. It is found inside the ear. It is the part of the middle ear and is often called the stirrup due to its shape.