The letter B in the name BCG vaccination stands for
A. Brief
B. Ben-Ben
C. Bacteria
D. Bacillus

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Hint: BCG vaccination which is primarily used against tuberculosis(TB). BCG vaccine can be administered after birth. This vaccine is administered into the skin through the skin. The vaccine was initially obtained from Mycobacterium Bovis, which is commonly organized in cows. While it has existed lessened, but it is still alive.

Complete answer:
In BCG vaccination, B stands for Bacillus, C stands for Calmette and G is stands for Guerin vaccine.
This is the vaccine which is generally used against tuberculosis. In nations, where tuberculosis or leprosy is mutual, one dose is advised in strong babies as near to the period of delivery as feasible.
 In regions where tuberculosis is not widespread lead, hardly children's huge danger is commonly vaccinated, while suspected circumstances of tuberculosis are separately tested for and treated. Adults who do not undergo tuberculosis and even not recently vaccinated but are often detected may be vaccinated as well. BCG furthermore possesses some cogency against Buruli ulcer infection and mycobacteria infections. Additionally, it is periodically utilized as a part of the therapy of bladder cancer.
Tuberculosis bacteria will dwell in our body for a long time because it takes longer for them to die. As long as the TB germs are present in our body, they can multiply, and give rise to sickness causing Tuberculosis. The simplest means to get relieved of TB germs is by seizing TB medicines.

Hence, the correct answer is option (D).

Note: The BCG vaccine was early utilized for medical purposes against tuberculosis in the year 1921. BCG has defensive impacts even against some non-tuberculosis mycobacteria like leprosy and Buruli ulcer.
Leprosy: BCG has a defensive effect against leprosy in the span of 20 to 80 percent.
Buruli ulcer: BCG may conserve against or it may inhibit the beginning of Buruli ulcer.