The Kakatiyas king also called themselves -----
A. Nayakas
B. Andhra Rajas
C. Rattadi
D. Samanthas

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Hint: During the 12th to 14th century, the Kakatiyas ruled in the eastern Deccan region (present-day Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Southern part of Odisha, and Eastern part of Karnataka. On the name of the regional Goddess “Kakati” whom they worshipped, they were named. Betaraja I was the founder of the dynasty.

Complete answer:
The Kakatiyas adopted the Telugu language as their favored language of the court. Hence, most of their inscription is in Telugu. With this, they sought to bring together the three Telugu speaking regions-the Rayalaseema region, the Telangana region, and the Coastal regions. They try to build a Telugu regional consciousness. Even today in Telugu speaking regions of India, they are respected. Originally, They worked as warriors and Samanthas in the Rashtrakuta dynasty ruling in Karnataka. They were Rattadi (village heads). Later on, they became army chiefs, Samanthas, etc through their skills. They emerged as independent rulers after the fall of western Chalukya. The Thousand Pillars Temple, Ramappa Temple, Warangal Fort, and Kota Gullu, all these distinct styles of architecture were developed during this dynasty.
So, the correct answer is Option B.

Note: The famous rulers of this dynasty were Prola II, Ganapati Deva, Rudradeva, and Prataprudra, etc. Rudramadevi(Rudradeva) is one of the few queens in Indian history who fearlessly protected her kingdom from the attacks of the neighboring kingdoms like Yadavas of Devagiri. The Kakatiyas brought about the feeling of cultural affinity in the people of their region. They also constructed the reservoirs for the irrigation in the uplands called ‘tanks’. With peasant recruitment into the military, they provided social mobility and new warriors.