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The instrument used to measure wind direction is called _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.
B.Wind vane

Last updated date: 19th Jun 2024
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Hint: We can measure the wind direction simply by putting a wet finger in the air to feel the wind’s direction but for more accurate reading we can use variety of tools and one of the instruments to measure the direction of wind will be discussed in the below sections.

Complete answer::
Wind vane is an instrument to measure wind direction. It is also known as weathervane, it will let you know the direction of wind by pointing in some particular direction.
The design of wind vanes are quite simple, in which a fin will be attached to the top or hanging below and a spindle which allows the fin to rotate according to flow of wind and with a point on one end it ensures the direction of wind.
Wind vane can be of different types such as weathervane, windsock and complicated one named digital wind vane.
In the weather vane below the fin 4 posts are present named “N”, “S”, “E”, and “W” representing north, south, east and west directions so by only seeing the vane anyone can measure the direction of wind. Wind sock works on the movement of sock present on it so the viewer can estimate the strength of wind and generally it is used by pilots during landing or takeoff times, and some time wind sock is used in golf course, baseball and other sports. Digital wind vane is an advanced technology used in weather stations in which rotation of spindle allows a digital processor to know the wind direction.
$\therefore $ Wind vane is used to measure the direction of wind.

Hence option (B) is correct.

Wind vane is very useful for safety purposes to detect severe weather events like by measuring wind direction one can estimate the direction of the storm as it is coming towards you or going away so necessary actions can be taken beforehand and preparations can be done.