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The English who twice served as President of the Indian National Congress was ________.
A)George Yule
B)Sir William Wedderburn
C)AO Hume
D)Mrs Annie Besant

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Hint: Indian National Congress was the oldest party of India founded in 1885. It was the most prominent influential party in the struggle of Independence of India.

Complete answer:
The English who twice served as President of the Indian National Congress was Sir William Wedderburn.

Sir William Wedderburn was born in March 1838 in Edinburgh, Scotland. He went to India in 1860 and started official duty as an Assistant Collector. He was appointed as Acting Judicial Commissioner in Sindh and Judge of the Sardar Court in 1847. In 1882 he became the district judge of Poona and became the chief Secretary of Bombay in 1887.

He along with Allan Octavian Hume was a founder of Indian National Congress on 28 December, 1885 and after his retirement he passionately worked in it. He presided over the fourth congress in 1889. He set foot into the Parliament in 1893 as a liberal member and raised India’s problems in the house. He attended the twentieth session of Congress in 1904 and presided over the twenty-fifth session in 1910. He was the chairman of the British Committee of the Congress from July 1889 until his death.

Hence, the correct answer is option (B)

Note: Sir William Wedderburn’s attention was focussed on famine, the poverty of Indian farmers, the grievance of agricultural indebtedness and the question of reviving the ancient village structure. As a liberal he believed in the concept of self-government, he welcomed the formal proclamation of 1907 to successively establish a self government in India.