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The element $119$ has not been discovered. What would be the symbol for this element?
D.None of these

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint:The symbols for the element which are not known yet are classified as: For one the symbol will be un U, for two the symbol will be bi B, for three the symbol will be tri and for zero the symbol will be nil. And so on this will count.

Complete step by step answer:
In the periodic table all elements are not known yet. But empty spaces are left there to place them when they will be discovered. The names are given to them according to standard rules.
Use the following table while naming the elements of atomic numbers greater than $100$.
 Rule (i) For Zero use word nil
 For one use word Un
For two use word Bi
For three use word Tri
For four use word Quad
For five use word Pent
For six use word Hex
For seven use word Hept
For eight use word Oct
For nine use word Enn
Rule (ii) The roots (word used for the numbers) are combined together to make a complete name. And in the last add ium to complete the name of an element.
Rule (iii) The symbol of the element is the first letters of each digit in the atomic number.
For example: We are given an atomic number $101$. Then its name will be as:
$1$ means Un, $0$ means nil and again $1$ means Un. So the name will be Unnilunium. Add ium at the end according to rule(ii). And the symbol for this element will be Unu i.e. first letter of each term.
Similarly for atomic number $110$. The name will be as: $1$ means Un and $0$means nil. So the name will be Ununnilium. And the symbol will be as Uun.
So following the same rules we can determine the name and symbol for atomic number $119$. One is Un and nine is Enn. So the name will be Ununennium. And the symbol will be Uue.
So, the correct answer is option A.

Note:The last n of enn is eliminated when it comes from nil. Similarly when the last I from bi and tri are eliminated when it comes from ium. For example: the name of atomic number atomic number $112$ is as Ununbium.