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What would be the digit in Ten-thousand’s place in the sum of 96,573 and 8,379?

Last updated date: 20th May 2024
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Hint: In any number if we are starting from the rightmost digit, first comes Ones place then Tens, Hundred, Thousand, Ten-thousand, Hundred- thousand and so on. This concept is included in the number system. Add the given numbers and check the position in the final result accordingly.

Complete step-by-step answer:
We have been given two numbers, one is 96,573 and the other is 8,379. According to the number system and the rule to add any two numbers is that, one’s place digit of one of the numbers must be added only to the one’s place digit of another number, and if the sum of the digit exceeds 10 then one's place digit is written and tens place digit is carried over. Now, take the given two numbers, 96,573 and 8,379. Adding 9 and 3 we get 12, here one's place digit is 2 and tens place digit is 1, so we write 2 below the sum and carry 1, this 1 will be added to the sum of tens place digit of the two numbers. Therefore, now we add 7 and 7, we get 14 and remember we have to add the carried digit 1, therefore the required result is 15, again, write 5 below the ten's place and carry 1. Now we add hundreds place, adding 5 and 3 we get 8 and adding the carried digit we get 9, since this does not exceed 10 therefore simply write 9 below the hundreds place. Now, adding a thousand's place digit we get 14, so write 4 below thousand’s place and carry 1 to ten- thousands place. Now adding this 1 to the ten- thousands place we get 10.
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Therefore the required sum obtained = 104,952
Here, 2 is at one’s place.
5 is at ten’s place.
9 is in hundreds place.
4 is at thousand’s place.
0 is at ten- thousands place.
1 is in a hundred thousands place.
Therefore, 0 is the digit in ten thousand’s place.

Note: Concept of number system must be clear. We should know how to carry a digit in a sum. The sum must be accurate and we must follow the rules of the number system. If the sum is wrong, we will get wrong digits in every place.