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The developmental stages in a community are called
A. Climax changes
B. Biological changes
C. Seral changes
D. Climatic changes

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Hint: A developmental stage of ecological succession refers to transitional community. These occur along the intermediate stages between two succession levels towards the climax community.

Complete answer: The question demands a thorough study about the ecological succession and different communities. So let us learn these first.
Ecological succession is a process or a gradual change in the specific organization of an ecological community over time. Here, the time span could range between a few decades to even millions of years. In ecological succession, a pioneer community undergoes different levels of succession (primary, secondary, etc.) and the ecosystem advances towards the climax community.

Among the entire sequence of communities, an intermediate stage or a transitional community found in ecological succession is called a sere or a seral community. The transitions are termed as the seral stages. In each such stage, there is a change in the diversity of organisms or species.

So, the correct answer is C. Seral changes</b>

Note: A seral communities can be of different types based on its substratum and climate, viz. hydrosere (in water), lithosere (in the rocky substratum), xerosere (in deserted regions), etc.
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