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The cell theory was proposed by Robert Hooke.
A) True
B) False

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Hint: Cell is defined as the basic functional, biological and structural unit of all the organisms that are known till now date. It is the smallest and basic fundamental unit of life and helps to carry all the living reactions.

Complete answer:
Before we get to know who proposed the cell theory, let us first know a little bit more about the cell. Cell biology is defined as the study of cells and it constitutes the function and structure of every cell organelle. Cell was first found by Robert Hooke.

Every single organism that occurs on earth is made up of cells. The cell is usually termed as a complex structure and includes various organelles inside it, which perform various functions. The cell is made up of, Cell membrane, Cell wall, Nucleus, Cell organelles and Cytoplasm.

Now, we will discuss cell theory. The cell theory was proposed by Matthias Schleiden, Rudolf Virchow and Theodor Schwann.
According to the cell theory,
1.Every living organism present on earth is made up of cells.
2.The cell is termed as the basic unit of life.
3.All cells arise and originate from pre-existing cells.
4.But now There are some extra points added to this, and the modern version of cell theory and it says,
5.The genetic information present in a cell is passed from one cell to another cell.
6.Within the cell’s energy flow takes place to carry organisms alive.
7.Every cell has the same composition and is made up of the same kind of materials.

Hence, the correct answer is option (B)

Note: The various functions that cells performs are as follows,
1.They give both support and structure to all organisms.
2.The cell helps in transportation of substances.
3.Basic cell and cell material help in dividing cells via mitosis.
4.They perform a great role in energy production and reproduction.