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Swamps differ from marshes in having
(A) Grasses
(B) Floating leaved plants
(C) Trees and shrubs
(D) Both A and B

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Hint:Marsh is a wetland composed mainly of grasses and reeds found near the fringes of lakes and streams, serving as a transitional area between land and aquatic ecosystems.A swamp is a wetland composed of trees and shrubs found along large rivers and lake shores

 Complete Answer:
Marshes are wetlands that have been enriched with nutrients and support in the growth of a variety of grasses and reeds. The swamps are recognized for their capability to support woody plants and trees. Bogs are distinguished by their meager soil and higher peat amount, whereas the fens are characterized by their lesser peat content and superior life of the plant as compared to the bogs. One of the most distinguishing characteristics of marshes is that they use to be flooded with water constantly from one resource or a different one. Most of the marshes have freshwater as their habitat, and occurs in the areas which have poor drainage systems such as lakes, ponds and others. Constant flooding makes the soil wet for a longer duration due to which the nutrition of soil gets enhanced and thus supports a wide-range of plants.
 Swamps and marshes both are typical types of wetlands. The wetlands are the types of land areas where most part of the soil is covered by water throughout the year or for varying time through the year. Such wetlands could be formed with salt water, freshwater, and/or brackish water (a mixture of fresh and salt water both). Both of these wetland types have aquatic vegetation and only vary in the approach of their vegetation patterns.

Thus the correct answer is option (C).

Note:Some marsh type is also found along the seas or oceans and these types of marshes are called saltwater marshes. Shrub swamps are the type of wetlands which support woody plants such as swamp rose.