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Last updated date: 05th Dec 2023
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MVSAT Dec 2023

Susheela bought $ 25kg850g $ of wheat and sold $ \dfrac{1}{5} $ of them. How much wheat is left with her?

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Hint: First we have to define what the terms we need to solve the problem are.
Since Susheela bought $ 25kg850g $ twenty-five kilograms and eight fifty grams of wheat she sold $ \dfrac{1}{5} $ one fifth of them. Since a thousand grams is one kilogram, there are nearly twenty-six kilograms of wheat. Now we need to calculate after she sold one fifth of the wheat.

Complete step by step answer:
Since she sold one fifth quantity of the wheat that means she has remaining four fifth quantities of the wheat. So, there are two way of solving this problem
First way is she sold one fifth of the wheat $ \dfrac{1}{5} $ and now we are going to find the sold wheats using the multiplication of the given overall quantity which is $ 25kg850g $ ; so, if we multiply, we get the what she sold quantities exactly and hence $ 25kg850g \times \dfrac{1}{5} = 5kg170g $ (five kilogram and one seventy grams)
Is the total that she sold, now we are going to subtract the found value into the overall quantity to find what she left with; thus $ 25kg850g $ $ - 5kg170g $ $ = 20kg680g $ is the quantity of the wheat she left with.
The second way of solving this method is; she sold $ \dfrac{1}{5} $ of the wheat within means she left with $ \dfrac{4}{5} $ of the wheat quantity and hence using the multiplication axiom we can multiply the quantity into times of the she left with after sold which gives as $ 25kg850g \times \dfrac{4}{5} = 20kg680g $ which gives the same answer above.
Only this method of approach is different but we get the same $ = 20kg680g $ is the amount or quantity that Susheela left with that wheat.

Note: $ 1kg = 1000g $ we can also make that kilogram into the grams so that the simplification parts are so easily done; if the given question is about what she sold then we must approach the first method and find the answer as she sold $ 5kg170g $ in that one fifth wheat.