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Sucrose is composed of
A. Glucose and fructose
B. Glucose and glycogen
C. Two molecules of glucose
D. Glycogen and fructose

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Hint: Carbohydrates are the essential substances for our body, it involves providing sugar to our body in the form of Monosaccharides and disaccharides. These are absorbed by the blood and provide energy to our body.

Complete Answer:
- Monosaccharides are simple carbohydrates they bond together and form complex carbohydrates like, two monosaccharide and form disaccharide more than two monosaccharide forms oligosaccharides and eleven and more forms polysaccharide.
- Monosaccharides are a source of energy; they provide four calories per gram like other carbohydrates. Glucose is the main fuel of the body, fructose is involved in the metabolism, and galactose is found in erythrocytes of each of the B-types of blood. Monosaccharide gets absorbed in the small intestine. It gets absorbed without breaking down by the enzymes found in the intestine.
- Glucose and galactose get absorbed easily, faster, and complete then other carbohydrates while compared to glucose and galactose the fructose gets absorbed slowly or sometimes incomplete.
- After consumption of glucose and galactose, it raises the blood sugar and the fructose raises mild blood sugar. The absorption of carbohydrates in the blood the most rapidly transported monosaccharide is galactose.
- Now, sucrose is a disaccharides made up of glucose and fructose, it is also considered as the common sugar. The sucrose is extracted from sugar beet and sugarcane for consumption.

Thus, the correct answer is ‘A’. Glucose and fructose.

Note: Foods like fruits contains glucose and fructose, honey, syrups contains high fructose, candies contains glucose, sweet wines contains glucose and fructose, and added sugar foods are; soft drinks, energy drinks, sport drinks, sweetened dairy products, desserts contains glucose mainly.