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__________ structure of prokaryotes is analogous to lysosome.
A. Mesosome
B. Genophore
C. Periplasmic space
D. Perinuclear space

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Hint:Prokaryotic organisms refer to those organisms which do not have a true nucleus and a nuclear membrane. Instead of that, a nucleoid is present. Moreover, the lysosome is a cell organelle that is known as the suicidal bag of the cell.

Complete answer:The lysosome is a single membranous, small sac-like structure. It is formed from the Golgi body. The lysosomes contain various hydrolyzing digestive enzymes that help in cellular digestion. They also protect cells from the action of pathogens, by hydrolyzing them with their own enzymes.
Mesosome –
The mesosomes are the inwards folds in the cell membranes of the prokaryotic cells. The mesosomes are the substitute for the mitochondria. Due to this reason, they contain the respiratory enzymes required for the gaseous exchange.
Genophore –
The genophore is also known as the nucleoid. It is circular and coiled DNA. The genophore or the nucleoid mixes with the non-histone proteins like polyamines. The DNA is not neutral because histone proteins are not present. It is the main DNA in the prokaryotes.
Periplasmic space –
The periplasmic space is the space between the inner plasma membrane and the outer cell wall of gram-negative bacteria. This space consists of enzymes that help in the assembling of the cell wall and membrane components. Apart from that it also contains several digestive enzymes that act as lysosomal enzymes. These hydrolyzing enzymes help cell indigestion.
Perinuclear space –
The perinuclear space is the space between the two membranes i.e., the inner and the outer membrane of the nucleus. This is because the nucleus is a double membranous structure. The nuclear membrane is made up of lipo-proteins.
Thus, based on the above information we can conclude that the Periplasmic space structure of prokaryotes is analogous to the lysosome.

Hence, the correct answer is an option (C).

Note:There are two strains of bacteria. These are the gram-positive and gram-negative strains. The gram-negative is the double-layered bacteria. The cell wall in gram-negative bacteria is thin. However, it consists of less peptidoglycan. Gram-negative bacteria get discolored during the staining.