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What is the structure of acetal formed by reaction of ethanol with acetophenone?

Last updated date: 15th Jul 2024
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Hint: We can say that acetal is an organic functional group that chemical formula of ${R_2}C{\left( {O{R^1}} \right)_2}$. Here, we can say that organic groups (or) hydrogen are given as R and the other organic groups are given as R. We have to know that the central carbon atom exhibits tetrahedral geometry.

Complete answer:
We have to know that acetals are given from and convertible to aldehydes or ketones and have a similar oxidation state at the central carbon, yet have considerably extraordinary substance stability and reactivity when contrasted with the practically equivalent to carbonyl compounds.
We have to know that the term ketal is here and there used to distinguish structures related to ketones (both R groups are organic segments instead of hydrogen) as opposed to aldehydes.
We can form acetal/ketal when a hemiacetal/hemiketal is reacted with alcohols. We have to know hemiacetals/hemiketals are formed when an aldehyde/ketone is treated with alcohols. Water gets eliminated.
We can write the general equation of acetal formation from aldehyde as,
seo images

We can write the general equation of ketal formation from ketone as,
seo images

We know that ethanol is an alcohol and acetophenone is a ketone. Acetophenone contains methyl group and benzyl group that is bonded to carbonyl group present in the centre.
In this reaction, ${R_2}$ is ${C_6}{H_5}C{H_3}$ and ${R^1}$ is $C{H_2}C{H_3}$.
We can write the formation reaction of acetal from ethanol and acetophenone as,
${C_6}{H_5}COC{H_3} + 2C{H_3}C{H_2}OH\xrightarrow{{HCl}}{C_6}{H_5}C\left( {C{H_3}} \right){\left( {OC{H_2}C{H_3}} \right)_2}$
We can write the structure of acetal as ${C_6}{H_5}C\left( {C{H_3}} \right){\left( {OC{H_2}C{H_3}} \right)_2}$.

We have to know that the name of an organic reaction which involves the formation of acetal is acetalization. One should not get confused between hemiacetal and acetal. Hemiacetal contains hydroxyl group and alkoxy group, whereas acetal contains only alkoxy group. When aldehyde (or) ketone reacts with one alcohol molecule, a hemiacetal is obtained whereas when aldehyde (or) ketone reacts with two alcohol molecules, acetal is obtained.