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Pteridophytes are also called
A)Vascular amphibians of the plant kingdom
B)First tracheophytes
C)Botanical snakes
D)All of the above

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Hint: Pteridophytes are the plants that disperses spores. They are called cryptogams because they neither produce flowers nor seeds. They have vascular tissues, stem, roots, and leaves. Example of pteridophytes is fern and mosses.

Complete answer:
To solve this question, we must know about the characteristics of pteridophytes.
The characteristic features of pteridophytes are

1.They are free living spore producing plants.
2.The body is differentiated into root, tem, leaves.
3.They are vascular in nature.
4.Their roots are adventitious.
5.The stem is either underground or aerial.
6.They have a definite sporophyte and gametophyte stage.
7.They reproduce by spore formation.
8.The plants live on land but require water for sexual reproduction. Hence it is also known as the amphibians of the plant kingdom.
9.They are called cryptogams which means they do not have flowers or seeds.
10.Asexual reproduction takes place through spores.
11.Pteridophytes are also called as the first tracheophytes because they have a vascular bundle and the body is differentiated into root, stem, and leaves.
12.Pteridophytes are also called the botanical snake because they are the first evolved plant from bryophytes as the reptiles are the first evolved land animals.

Hence, the correct answer is option (D)

Note: Pteridophytes are the first true land plants. They are used as medicinal plants in ayurveda, unani, homeopathy. It is used as food, ornamental plant and also insecticides. The pteridophytes are placed in a separate phylum of plants.