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Primata and Carnivora are placed together in the same?
A. Order
B. Division
C. Family
D. Class

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: Primata or simply primates are groups of mammalian vertebrates having enlarged brains as compared to other animals. Added to that, their visual capabilities are also enhanced. On the other hand, the type of placental mammals who are basically flesh eaters are called Carnivora or carnivores.

Complete Answer:
- Primata and Carnivora are basically the families of animals hence they belong to the kingdom Animalia.
- They have a dorsal nerve cord, pharyngeal slits and post-anal tail. Hence, they can be classified under the Phylum Chordata.
- Both these groups of animals are viviparous (give birth to their young ones directly and do not lay eggs). Hence, they belong to the class Mammalia.
- There are several groups of animals in the class Mammalia. One group comprises the placental flesh-eating mammals called Carnivora and the other has mammals who have enlarged brains and enhanced visual and locative actions which are known as primates.
- Hence, we can say that primates and carnivores are the two orders of the same class called Mammalia. In brief, Primata and Carnivora are placed together as belonging to the same class.

Hence the correct answer is option D.

Note: The class Mammalia is divided into several orders out of which Primata and Carnivora are described above. It should be kept in mind that according to the theory of evolution, the order Primata is more developed in terms of visual and locomotive properties than the carnivora. And as a matter of fact, we the modern human beings also belong to this order of primates.