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Neon gas is used in neon signs.
  (A) True
  (B) False

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: Since neon is a noble gas, it can’t give different reactions in order to produce important compounds but it can behave in such a way that it can be utilized for different purposes. It’s a colorless gas but can exhibit colours when placed in an electric field.

Complete answer:
- The element Neon with atomic number 10 was discovered by M.W. Travers and William Ramsey in 1898. The element Neon is categorized as a noble gas, along with argon, radon xenon, krypton and helium. As we know, noble or inert gases are stable and non-reactive.
- The first gas used to make light was Neon and that is why all gas-filled tubes are now known as neon lights. These Neon lights are used mainly as neon signs, though they are also used for decoration and the very first neon sign used in the United States was introduced in 1925.
- When an electrical current is being applied to a neon light tube the atoms which belong to the gas are knocked out of their orbit and these free electrons will collide with each other and are sent back to the atoms. As the atoms absorb this free electrons they produce energy and this energy produces the light in neon signs.
- A bright reddish orange light is produced by the neon gas when it’s put in an electric field. Only a small amount of the gas is needed to make a neon sign.

Therefore we can say that Neon gas is used in neon signs and the answer is option (A) True.

Note: It should be noted that while the neon sign fixtures use high voltages, their power consumption is very low, in the mill watts which makes the neon signs energy-efficient. Also, the baking fluorescent powders onto the inside walls of the glass tubes will modify the shades and colors of the finished neon sign.