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Name two plants which are usually propagated by artificial propagation methods. Name the method of artificial propagation used in each case.

Last updated date: 15th Jun 2024
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Hint: Artificial propagation of plants is when a plant is cultivated or grown by means other than the natural way. The methods of propagation may include cutting, grafting, cloning etc.

Complete answer:
Jasmine is propagated by an artificial method of cutting. Strawberry is also propagated by artificial propagation method of layering.

Additional Information: Cutting is a vegetative propagation used to grow plants. In this type of propagation, a piece of stem or root is cut and then placed in the moist soil to grow. If the suitable conditions are met then the cutting would develop into a new plant. If the roots are cut then a new stem is developed and if the stem is cut then new roots develop. The plants grown from this technique are clones of the parent plant. So, these are favourable for growing a clone variety of plants. The cuttings done on stem are based on the maturity type of the stem- softwood cutting, semi hardwood cutting, and hardwood cutting.
Layering is also a method to grow plants by propagation. In layering the stem close to soil is allowed to touch the soil. The stem then grows roots inside the soil. Once a plant becomes stable in the soil the connection link to the parent plant is removed by cutting. Thus, a new plant is then grown. In natural layering method the stem by its own touches the ground to form new plants. In a simple layering method the stem is bent down from the target region and is immersed into the soil. When the roots develop the parent plant is separated from the daughter plant. Other types of layering includes mound layering and air layering.

Note: Artificial methods are used only for developing the clonal varieties of the good variety of parent plant. It is a quick method to grow plants as the traditional method takes much time.