Name the main organs of the human digestive system in the order they participate in the process of digestion. Describe how the digestion of carbohydrates and proteins takes place in our bodies.

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Hint The human digestive system is the most complex digestive system. The process of digestion of food starts from the mouth and ends in the large intestine. The undigested food is transferred to the rectum and then is egested out by the anus.

Complete answer:
The process of digestion takes place in the digestive system. The digestion of food starts from the mouth and then reaches to the stomach with the help of the esophagus. It is then moved to the small intestine from where the major digestion of food occurs. The undigested food from the small intestine is then moved into the large intestine for the absorption of water and minerals and in this process, the formation of faeces also occurs. The undigested food is passed onto the rectum from where it is ejected out through the anus.
The digestion of the carbohydrates occurs in the mouth where the salivary amylase breaks it down into maltose and disaccharide. The enzymes present in the stomach stops the activity of the amylase from acting on the carbohydrates present in the food. The food then reaches the duodenum of the small intestine from where the disaccharide compounds are broken down into the monosaccharides by the enzymes secreted by the liver and pancreas. The compounds like glucose and galactose are formed by the breakdown of various compounds. No further digestion of carbohydrate is done and the simple compounds are absorbed by the blood.
The digestion of proteins takes place in the stomach where enzyme pepsin is involved in the breakdown of the proteins into peptide the small intestine further digestion takes place in the presence of the enzymes trypsin and chymotrypsin which break down the peptides into smaller peptides. These small peptides are further digested by the peptidases and then are absorbed by the blood for transportation.

Note: The majority of the digestion occurs in the small intestine. From the intestine, the absorption also takes place which transports the nutrients for further usage. The complex form of the compounds present in food is broken down into simpler forms for digestion to occur properly.