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What is the name of the $ CO_3^{2 - } $ ion?
A) Carbonate
B) Carbate
C) Carbonite
D) Carbide

Last updated date: 15th Jul 2024
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Hint :An oxocarbon anion is a negative ion made up entirely of carbon and oxygen atoms, and hence having the general formula $ {C_x}O_y^{n - } $ for certain integers $ x,y $ and $ n $ in chemistry. Stable oxocarbon anions combine with a wide range of cations to form salts. In a very rarefied gaseous state, such as interstellar clouds, unstable anions may survive.

Complete Step By Step Answer:
Carbonate ions are responsible for the fizz of club soda and the foaming action in washing soda. The molecular formula of carbonate is $ CO_3^{2 - } $ . It is a salt of carbonic acid. Alkali and alkaline earth metals are the most common elements used as carbonates.
Carbonates are stable at room temperature. Group -1 and group-2 carbonates are colourless, while transition element carbonates are coloured. Carbonates in group 2 are more covalent than carbonates in group 1. The carbonate ion has a molar mass of ${l^{ - 1}} $ and a conjugate base of bicarbonate.
In a trigonal planar structure, it consists of a carbon atom surrounded by three oxygen atoms. The carbonate ion has two single bonds to the negative oxygen atom and two double bonds to the neutral oxygen atom in its Lewis structure.
Hence, the correct option is A) Carbonate.

Note :
Carbonates are used as raw materials in a variety of manufacturing processes, including drug growth, glass production, pulp and paper production, sodium chemicals (silicates), soap and detergent production, paper production, water softener production, and clay and mortar production, to name a few.