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Multiply $\dfrac{6}{13}$ by the reciprocal of $\dfrac{-7}{16}$.

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Hint: Just flip or exchange the numerator and denominator of $\dfrac{-7}{16}$ and then multiply with $\dfrac{6}{13}$

Complete step by step answer:
We have to multiply $\dfrac{6}{13}$ with reciprocal of $\dfrac{-7}{16}$
At first we will tell what is reciprocal.
A reciprocal is multiplicative inverse means a reciprocal of number let’s say x is $\dfrac{1}{x}$ where x is not equal to zero.
So if the number is $\dfrac{-7}{16}$ then it’s reciprocal is $\dfrac{-16}{7}$ .
Now we will find product of $\dfrac{6}{13}$ and $\dfrac{-16}{7}$ is
$\dfrac{6}{13}\times \dfrac{-16}{7}=\dfrac{-96}{91}$
So, when we multiply $\dfrac{6}{13}$ by the reciprocal of $\dfrac{-7}{16}$ the answer is $\dfrac{-96}{91}$

Note: While taking reciprocal only numerator and denominator get reversed not that a positive number becomes negative or vice versa.