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Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint:In order to convert the millimetres measure into inch measure , since we have given two quantities of measurement i.e. mms and inches , multiply the given quantity of inch with 25.4 millimetres or alternatively you can divide the given the given inches with the number $0.039370$ to get your required result .

Complete step by step solution:
The measure of length can be done by the measurement of units . In this question, two
measurement of units are used ‘ millimetres ’ and ‘ inches ’ , one millimetre is approximately equal to one thousandth of a metre ( the SI base unit of length ) also one millimetre is equal to $0.039370$ inches . Along with this , one inch is approximately equal to 25.40 mms . So , the inches and mms measure are connected by the conditions as follows -
$1inch = 25.40 mms$ and
$1mm = 0.039370 inches$
From the last mentioned, we get the condition that to convert inches (in) to millimetres (mms) we need to multiply the provided value given in inches by \[25.4\]mm . This leads us to the standard to change over inches measure to millimetre measure . To change over from millimetre to inches , divide the mm unit by $25.4$ .
So, in our question we are given 1 inch .
1 inch = 25.4 mm .
Multiplying the given 1 inch by 25.4 ,
We get ,
1 mm = $1inch \times 25.4mms$= $25.4$millimetres .
Therefore , 1 inch when converted into millimetres is equal to approximately $25.4$millimetres .
In 1 inch there are $25.4$millimetres .

Additional Information:
The millimetres, indicated by the symbol $mms$is used as Unit of length in the metric system for measuring units , The British Standards Institute defined the inch as 25.4 mm. Both the units are utilized for the measuring purpose like length of the substance. We can directly put the conversions from inches to millimetres by remembering the units defined as 1 inch = 25.4 mm .

1. Don’t forget to Cross-check your answer.
2.Proper unit should be used after every answer.
3.The SI unit of Length is Metre( m ) .