What is meant by imperialism?
A. A policy developed for ideological as well as financial reasons
B. A style statement of the king, queen or the emperor
C. A mechanism for war
D. None of these

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Hint: The term imperialism means the practice of extending power and control by a country over another country outside its own border. the practice of exploitation particularly economic exploitation who is often called Neocolonialism. It was easy for imperialism to grow and dominate in Asia and Africa due to many contributing reasons.

Complete answer: The term imperial or imperialist country literally means a mother country. It was the ideology of extending power and control over the political and economic life of areas outside its own borders. This was achieved through military or through colonialism. The essential feature of the relations between the imperialist country and the colonised country was that dominance and control are indirect. Just in the case of colonisation of Asia and Africa etc. The reasons that gave growth to imperialism were the industrial revolution, improvement in transportation communication and civilising mission etcetera. Therefore it is clear that imperialism is neither a style statement of the king queen or the emperor nor any mechanism for war as it was relatively easy for the imperialists to dominate the colonies of Asia and Africa because industrial revolution did not reach there and the population relied on hand tools. The Asian and African societies and methods were also backward and people lacked the knowledge thus all these reasons became the conditions that favoured imperialism in Asia and Africa.

Note: In the present world today, when almost all the countries have achieved their independence and sovereignty and their political and economic independence, imperialist control over the other countries, has not come to an end. The practice of exploitation particularly to the economic exploitation in the less developed World is continued, which is called Neocolonialism.