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Loschmidt number is the number of:
(This question has multiple answers)
A.Molecules present in 1mL of a gas at STP
B.Molecule present in 1 gram mole of a gas at SW
C.Atoms present in 1 mL of a gas at STP
D.Atoms present in 1 gram mole of a gas at SW

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Hint: We can define Loschmidt number as the number of molecules in one cubic centimetre of an ideal gas at standard temperature and pressure, equal to \[2.686{\text{ }}X{\text{ }}{10^{25}}\].

Complete step by step answer:
Let’s start with defining Loschmidt number, Loschmidt number is defined as the number of atoms/molecules of an ideal gas in a given volume. Its quoted value is \[2.686{\text{ }}X{\text{ }}{10^{25}}\] per cubic meter at and \[1{\text{ }}atm\] pressure.
So according to the definition the answer to the question will be Molecules present in \[1{\text{ }}ml\] of gas at STP and Atoms present in \[1{\text{ }}ml\] of a gas at STP as \[1{\text{ }}ml\] of molecular gas at STP contains approximately \[2.7{\text{ }}X{\text{ }}{10^{19}}\] molecules per cubic centimetre which is same as \[2.686{\text{ }}X{\text{ }}{10^{25}}\] molecules per cubic meter.
So, the answers to this question are option A. Molecules present in \[1{\text{ }}ml\] of a gas at STP and option C. Atoms present in \[1{\text{ }}ml\] of a gas at STP.

In many german texts, the Loschmidt’s number or Loschmidt’s constant is used to refer to the Avogadro’s number. This number has been used to establish many standards in the field of science and technology.