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locomotion in kangaroo is
(a) Volant
(b) Saltatorial
(c) Cursorial
(d) Graviportal

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: Movement of an organism from one place to another with the help of hind legs by hopping is seen in animals like kangaroos, rabbits, and some other rodents.

Complete answer:
The movement of an organism from one place to another place with the help of locomotor organs or by various mechanisms is called locomotion. In kangaroos two pairs of legs are present. The hind limbs are twice the length of hind limbs. They move from one place to another by hopping. This type of locomotion is called saltatorial locomotion. This is seen in kangaroos, rabbits, and some groups of rodents.

Additional Information: - kangaroos belong to the kingdom Animalia, phylum Chordata, family Macropodidae. The largest species in the Macropodidae family are kangaroos and the smallest species are Wallabies.
- kangaroos are highly adapted for survival on the land and the majority of them are found in Australia and New Geneva.
- kangaroos are characterized by strong and powerful hind legs and large feet are adapted for leaping. They have a long tail for balance and has a small head
- Hind legs are the locomotory organs of kangaroos and they show locomotory moments by hopping. This type of movement is called saltatorial locomotion.
- They are classified under herbivores as they feed on the green leaves, grasses, and shrubs.
- Mobs is the terminology used to describe the group of kangaroos
- Movement of organisms in the air is called volant locomotion that is adopted by birds, bats, and various insects.
- The fast-running animals like dogs, cheetah, cats, etc are adopted with the cursorial type of locomotion.
- Majority of the mammals such as elephants with large size adopt graviportal locomotion where the legs provide maximum support and have the ability for considerable rotation.
So, the correct answer is 'saltatorial'

Note: -One of the unique features of the kangaroo is, they carry their young ones in the pouch present of the stomach.
-Boomer is a male kangaroo and kill is a female kangaroo.
-In Australia, the number of kangaroos is more than the number of people.