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When living things grow old, they
A. Move.
B. Breath.
C. Eat.
D. Die.

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: Anything that has life is called a living thing and anything that does not possess life is called non- living thing. Many factors that determine the living things. The first part of the living cycle in the living organisms is birth. Every living thing possesses life cycles in which birth, growth, reproduction, etc are some parts which are followed by the last part i.e. “end”.

Complete answer:
In the scientific terms of biology, the Life cycle in is the step by step changes that happen to all the living organisms or all the member of the species, as they undergo form the starting of the life from birth or beginning of the living stages i.e. birth to the inception of same stages of development in the following generation.
Each and every organism reaches to ultimate death at the end of the life cycle. New ones or the next generation replaces them, which makes the continuity of every species on the earth. In the steps of its life cycle, every organism passes through physical changes that make the ways to gain adulthood and re-produce new organisms. The Life Cycles include the life cycles of plants and animals, and humans.
All living things grow and change. Growth increases with the time, but after a certain age growth stops, and decomposition starts. Therefore, it is evident that all living things grow old and die at the end. Movement, breathing, reproduction, eating, etc are the part of the life cycle of any organism, but after growing old or old age, death happens or occurs.

Hence, the correct answer is option (D).

Note:When the resources of the system or body are fully used up and the repair mechanism which maintains the system does not continue the state of repair, it will eventually fail.
-All living organism things ultimately die because continuous cell damage occurs, repair system stops, more diseases and toxin engulfs body and built in self-destruction system of the body starts