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List the differences between the clayey soil and sandy soil.

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Hint: Soil is a mixture of minerals, living organisms, and organic matter. Soil consists of 50% empty space, 45% minerals, and 5% organic matter.

Complete Answer:
Now, let us look into key differences between clayey and sandy soil. Clayey soil is the densest and heaviest type of soil while sandy soil consists of small particles of weathered rock.

Sl.NoClayey soil Sandy soil
1.The clayey soil has a high proportion of small (fine) particles.The sandy soil has a high proportion of large particles.
2.The particles are tightly packed.The particles are loosely packed.
3.Clayey soil is heavy in weight.Sandy soil is light in weight.
4.Clayey soils are good for growing various crops.Sandy soils are not suitable for growing various crops.
5.Less air is trapped between the particles.More air is trapped between the particles.
6. This soil can not drain water quickly.This soil can drain water quickly.

Additional information: The process of formation of soil can happen either one of the three ways,
1) Biological weathering - In this, the living organism breaks down and weakens the rock and then chemical or mechanical weathering is initiated.
2) Mechanical weathering - It is observed near the earth’s surface and is influenced by physical forces like temperature, wind, etc.
3) Chemical weathering - The rock breaks down due to chemical reactions.

Note: The function of soil is as follows,
- It provides habitat for organisms like earthworms, etc.
- It is a medium through which a plant grows.
- It is a very important component of the biosphere.
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