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What kind of sounds have the frequencies of 600Hz?

Last updated date: 25th Jun 2024
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Hint:Sounds are basically vibrations and we can represent it by using a sinusoidal graph. The pattern of sound is identical to the pattern of waves that’s why sound is described as a wave. A way to describe a sound is by its frequency, amplitude and wavelength.

Complete step by step solution:
Imagine a speaker emitting some sound we have seen that the at the top of the speaker the speaker would go to and fro about its position, this vibrational movement of the speaker in turn will force the air molecules outwards and then air molecules then due to vibration make other air molecules vibrate and thus the sound will be transported from one place to another.

seo images

Here, in the graph above the sound wave which is represented in the form a sin wave is repeating itself after each pulse, the red vertical line represents the end of a pulse. There are 3 pulses in one second (See the diagram), this repeating of pulse in a given amount of time is called frequency. So, the frequency of the pulse is 3 Hertz. We cannot hear this because the human ear is capable of hearing sounds of frequency between 20 Hz to 20,000Hz. Anything which is below 20Hz is called subsonic and anything which is above 20,000 Hz is called supersonic. At 600 Hz the sound comes under the range of audible sounds. So, the frequency of 600 Hz is audible.

Final Answer: Audible sounds have the frequencies of 600Hz.

Note:Sound needs a medium to travel through the denser is the medium the faster the sound will travel through it. We have seen that the space above the Earth’s atmosphere where there is no air. Two people can’t communicate because there is no medium for sound to travel.