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How many Jews were killed during the holocaust?

Last updated date: 19th Jul 2024
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Hint: The Jewish victims killed by Nazi Germany up to the end of World War II are one of the most famous, if not iconic, facts known about the Holocaust. In other words, killing the Jews was an end in itself and used to motivate the German country to make great self-sacrifices.

Complete answer:
Holocaust -
- The Shoah was also known as the Holocaust during the Second World War as the genocide of the European Jews. Between 1941 and 1945, around two thirds of the population of European Jews were systematically murdered by Nazi Germany and its collaborators in all German-occupied Europe.
- In pogroms and mass shootings, extermination by labour in concentration camps; in gas chambers and gas vans in German killing camps, in particular in Auschwitz, Bełżec, Chełmno, Majdanek, Sobibor and Treblinka, occupied Poland.
- The European Jews have been targeted at extermination as part of a wider Holocaust (1933-1945) event in which Germany and its collaborators, including ethnic Poles, soviet civilians, Soviet war prisoners, the Romas, the disabled, Jehovah's witnesses, political dissidents, gay men and Black Germans, were persecuted and assassinated by millions of others.

Jews were killed during the holocaust –
i) The number of Jewish victims killed by Nazi Germany until the end of World War II is one of the most well-known, if not iconic, events on the Holocaust. Maybe not surprisingly, the Holocaust deniers aim at discrediting the essential nature of the holocaust by making this number - six million.
ii) "Six million" isn't accurate accounts and was never meant to be. However, if the number, now more than 50 years of public awareness, did not reflect the scientific storey that had followed in the following decades and confirmed this gross figure, it would never have continued to be quoted.

i) The assassination of Jews in Europe is an independent class – not due to number but to the ideology that underpinned it, one of its primary objectives was to remove a complete people from the earth and its culture.
ii) It was unique because Nazi propaganda so intensely focused on the Jews as an almost supernatural cause of evil, and the German war machine remained dedicated to killing the Jews until the very last day of war.