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Is stone rigid or non-rigid ?

Last updated date: 23rd May 2024
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Hint:Rigid means stiff and inflexible. It is often utilized in both literal and figurative ways. For instance , a cloth like plastic could be described as rigid if it doesn't bend or bend easily. an individual could be described as rigid if they're very strict and unwilling to bend the principles.

Complete answer:
Rigidity is defined because the property exhibited by the solid varies in its shape. That's when an external force is applied to the solid material, there won’t be any change within the shape. This shows that the particles are closely packed and therefore the attraction between these particles is very strong.

A body is claimed to be a rigid body if the body remains in its original shape even under the influence of external force. Thus iron pieces, brick and stone are rigid bodies. On the opposite hand, water takes the form of the vessel during which it's poured. Thus water may be a non-rigid body.

Rigid body (also referred to as a rigid object. it's a solid body during which deformation is zero approximately small it is often neglected. the space between any two given points on a rigid body remains constant in time no matter external forces or moments exerted thereon.A rigid body is typically considered as an endless distribution of mass.

Note: The position of a rigid body is that the position of all the particles of which it's composed. To simplify the outline of this position, we exploit the property that the body is rigid, namely that each one of its particles maintain an equivalent distance relative to every other.
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