Is stolon a synonym for runner in plants?

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Hint: Stolon are the stems that grow at the surface of the soil or below the ground, forming adventitious roots at the nodes, and new plants from the buds. Stoloniferous is the term given to the plants having stolons. As some rhizomes grow horizontally, not all horizontal stems are stolons. Stolon is used in a plant propagation strategy for the production of clones.

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                                   Fig.: Runner and Stolon in Plants
In plants, stolon is a synonym for a runner. Stolon is a horizontal branch, which appears at the base of the plant and runs close to the ground. Roots grow from the nodes of stolons. Thus, stolons aid in the vegetative propagation of plants. Stolon is a special slender horizontal branch, which serves to propagate the plant. It is also called a runner. It is a slender stem that grows horizontally along the ground, giving rise to aerial branches and roots at specialized points called nodes. Many types of grasses, strawberry, and colocasia are propagated by runners. Stolon has the photosynthetic capacity and many leaves. But the runner does not possess a substantial amount of leaves and is dependent on the mother plant for energy. Both the stolons and runners aid in the establishment of a plant in a large area, outgrowing other plants and weeds.

Runners are specialized aerial stems and a type of subaerial modification. Runner helps to link host plants to newly established plants. After establishment, the new plant photosynthesizes for growth and generates a new runner. Though runner is similar to stolon, the runner may stay attached to the host plant for survival and establishment. It is stem-like growth extending from the growth point of the mother plant.